Invoice discounting

How does Prestacap work?

Prestacap is a digital platform, which aims at providing SMEs with a fast and easy way to access to credit.

In order to use our services, complete the (Registration) and upload all the necessary documents: we will evaluate your request and we will come back to you as fast as possible.

Who can use Prestacap?

Prestacap can be used by corporations and partnerships with revenues higher than 50.000 € and 2 years of business activity.

What are the requirements for the assigned debtor?

The assigned debtor is required to have revenues higher than 500,000 and must be a limited company.

We do not accept invoices from Public Administration.

What invoices can I discount?

You can discount commercial invoices, related to goods already delivered or services already provided. The maximum duration is 150 days and we do not accept overdue invoices.

You can discount invoices only if the contract between you and your client does not expressly forbid the assignment of credit.

Do I have to discount with PrestaCap all the invoices towards a given client?

No, you can choose the number of invoices you want to discount.

Are warranties required?

No, we do not require any kind of warranty.

What is the difference between assignment of credit pro-solvendo and assignment of credit pro-soluto?

In the assignment of credit pro-solvendo, if the client does not pay, the assignor is responsible for the payment.

In the assignment of credit pro-soluto, which is the way adopted by PrestaCap, we totally take the risk of default.

How much does the service offered by PrestaCap cost?

You will have to pay a fee, starting from 0.5% of the discounted amount, only if the invoice is discounted.

There is no fixed cost related to the Prestacap platform or to your company’s evaluation.

Who provides the funds?

Prestacap is an intermediary between SMEs and institutional investors.

Thanks to the funds provided by our investors, we are able to support SMEs and to provide them with the liquidity they need.

Invoice discounting

Is peer-to-peer lending regulated?

In England peer-to-peer lending is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Prestacap is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority under licence No 664197.

What types of loans does Prestacap offer?

Prestacap offers loans from 10,000 to 250,000 euros, with a duration of 6 months to 5 years.

How will I receive my funding once it has been disbursed?

You will receive the loan directly to the bank account whose details you provided us with during the registration phase.

How is the repayment plan for the loans calculated?

Prestacap uses the French amortisation plan, with constant instalments. The amount and number of repayments depend on the interest rate, the duration of the loan, the frequency of the repayments and the total amount disbursed.

What happens if I am unable to pay an instalment of my loan?

If you cannot pay the next instalment of your loan, you must notify PrestaCap as soon as possible. We will do our best to find a solution that satisfies both parties.

How does the Prestacap credit rating system work?

Prestacap uses information provided by both the applicant company and external providers to calculate the level of risk and assess the creditworthiness.

Do you share information with Credit Bureaus?

In accordance with the terms and conditions accepted when registering on the Prestacap platform, we are entitled to share information with the Credit Bureau.

How is my identity verified?

As a regulated entity, Prestacap is obliged to verify your identity. For this reason, we ask for a copy of your identity document and, if necessary, proof of your address.

What happens if Prestacap becomes insolvent?

In the event of Prestacap's insolvency, all outstanding loans will be managed by third parties. Prestacap will not grant new loans, any outstanding loans will continue to be repaid normally and any outstanding instalments will have to be repaid by the debtor companies.