A new and smarter way to do credit analysis with insights never seen before

Untap the value of transactional and alternative financial data. By leveraging the insights hidden in financial data, we can drive greater value and enable informed decisions.

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Full credit and behavioural analysis based on transactional data that can also be enriched with traditional data points such as Credit Bureaus and Databases

Modern cash-flow based analysis and decision for retail and SME clients.

Prestatech offers a powerful and comprehensive tool to perform credit analysis and decisioning

Based of transactional data that can be gathered from different sources we provide a full-spectrum analysis of the applicant, including affordability analysis and instant lending decision with powerful insights into their financial behaviour.

  1. Stress testing the affordability by defining the loan values: interest, amount, duration and Amortising schedule

  2. Behavioural analysis on existing contracts by looking among other things at late, missed or adverse payments

  3. Affordability analysis based on most up-to-date spending, existing financial costs and income trends. Automatically understand if a loan is affordable or not.

  4. Forecasting analysis on transactional trend going-forward to predict risk

  5. Possibility to integrate the service with traditional data sources such as financials, Company House information, Credit Bureaus’s Scores, Ratings and PDs

  6. The analysis component are modular and can be both used through API integration or customised front-end dashboard